About Global Academy of Music

YUNA-JAPAN, INC. was founded in 2006, as a result of several music organizations merger. Currently it has a broad spectrum of activities, from special projects such as the annual Benjamin Britten International Competition in London, the International Competition for Young Pianists in memory of Vladimir Horowitz, Summer Music School in Kiev and Moscow, International Music School in Tokyo to long-term concert, educational, promotional, and distribution pursuits. Global Academy of Music is Online conservatory coordinated and handled as a division by YUNA-JAPAN, INC. ARTISTS that manages many high-profile musicians from different countries and standing out as a Global conservatory.

GLOBAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC ONLINE offers international music education:

Private and group music lessons with professors, artists around the world, lectures, concerts, competitions online, recording arts lessons and services, language lessons to support the global music education. 

By using the interactive video conference technologies, we provide online Global conservatory programs to connect students, professors, artists internationally. Nowadays our live-streamed online concerts and master classes, virtual students ensembles are increasingly attracting a worldwide audience. We provide distance high musical education programs jointly with international institutions and organizations, offer master classes, private lessons, seminars for music students and professors.  Projects of YUNA-JAPAN, INC. are closely inter-related while they all have their strictly defined area of specialization.

YUNA-JAPAN, INC. is a private company based in Tokyo, Japan.

For more information, please contact: yuna@yuna-japan.com; info@global-musicacademy.com