What Is Global Academy of Music Online?

Submitted by editor on Mon, 08/02/2021 - 16:57

GLOBAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC ONLINE offers international music education and experiences through our online distance education platform for the young children, students and adults. We provide to our students the high quality private and group music,  language lessons to support a global music education, and to open the world of opportunities.

GLOBAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC ONLINE offers international music education :

private and group music lessons with professors, teachers, artists around the world, lectures, concerts, competitions online, recording arts lessons and services, language lessons to support the global music education. 
You will be able to customize the way to learn by taking private lessons at your own place and broadening the music education and global experience with group lessons. All classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, professors, artists from different cultures and countries.

Group courses, lectures, events:

Students can also learn at our international, global classroom by taking private courses/lessons as the group courses/lectures with their friends over a semester. Our group courses/lessons/lectures/events bring students together from all over the world to continue the education process as well as experience learning.