Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir, conductor Nikon Zhila


The Moscow Sretensky monastery choir (head – N. Zhila, director and composer – F. Stepanov) is one of  the most famous singing and church collectives of Russia. The choir performances are always accompanied  with huge success in Russia and abroad. In 2007 the choir made a round–the–world tour dedicated to the  unification of Russian Orthodox Church. The importance of this creative and missionary significance can  scarcely be overestimated. The concerts were held in the best music halls of New–York, Washington, Boston,  Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Berlin and London. The choir repertoire is not limited by the canonical chants of  the Orthodox Church, it includes many masterpieces of secular (academic and folk) music, wartime songs and  compositions of the modern composers. Unsurpassed skill of the choir is caused by many circumstances, the  main ones are professionalism of the top drawer and devotion of the choir members to the revival of the high  ideals of Russian sacred culture. The performances in the events, which are participated by theheads of the states,  famous artists, heads of the largest corporations, became a tradition. Sincere admires of the choir, significant  persons of the modern religious, cultural and political life: from Protohierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church  to President of the Russian Federation are among them, told repeatedly about the high mission of the choir.

With the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill the choir regularly participates in the most solemn events of Russian Orthodox Church.



Beginners / Precollege
30 minutes
4 lessons per month
Advanced / College
30 minutes
4 lessons per month
30 minutes
4 lessons per month
Master classes
55 minutes
per lesson
Group lessons
30 minutes
(5-10 people)
per person